Making the most of Boca Grande

Posted by – May 5, 2010

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Met a really nice couple, Danny and Monica. They are from Baltimore and were here on vacation. They treated us to a delicious lunch at the Loose Caboose yesterday and are now headed back home. They were interested in our cruising lifestyle and it was nice to chat about it. Makes it seem more special when you see other people excited for you. They’re a cool couple. Came across a fox the other day just hanging in the oleanders. Word is he snatched a duck not too long ago. He was small and super cute. The fox seemed to be big news around Boca Grande. Morale is up and down lately. Depends on our funds, or, lack of funds that is. That saying “Money can’t buy everything” is a bit of a joke. On the positive side, we have found the free coffee place, a bakery that offers 2nd day $2 pastries and the free movie theater. We have been living off sandwiches and fish that Steven catches. He prepared a whiting the other night and it was so good! Though Boca Grande is extremely expensive we have found ways to make it affordable to us. We are preparing the boat to sail to Key West for Steven’s 30th birthday. It would be nice to be there at anchor a few days before to get settled. We have to keep a careful eye on a weather window though. It will be our first major passage. I don’t think we will have our SPOT activated by then. It’s $150 to renew and thats just more than we can spend. Will try to scoot over to the Dry Tortugas too. We need to make a little money before crossing to the Bahamas though. The permit fees and dog fees alone will add up to over $300. It’d be nice to get there though. Would be a great addition to our future book!

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  1. Kim says:

    Looks like you guys are doing good!! I love to see your blog, and it’s cool to know we met these people!! Not just someone we keep up with that we don’t know!! (make sense?) Can’t wait to hear more about your sailing adventures!! Take care, R&K and children