After 12 long days since the carjacking, our sister’s dog has been found!

Posted by – November 12, 2012

Monica Hernandez / Eyewitness News

NEW ORLEANS – For one Chihuahua Jack-Russell Terrier mix, it’s been a long journey to get back to his owner’s arms.

Eleven-year-old Skeeter was taken during a violent carjacking near S. Claiborne and S. Carrollton Avenues on Oct. 30. His owner, Meg, has been searching for him ever since. Eyewitness News has chosen to withhold Meg’s last name.

“I’d trade the car, I’d trade anything for him, I would,” said Meg, with Skeeter in her lap. “That’s my love bug.”

Skeeter was found by a family on Monroe Street, near S. Carrollton Avenue around 3 p.m. Sunday, which is near the scene of the incident.

According to the family, who Meg said did not want publicity, they were walking their dog when Skeeter ran up to them. They called the number on his collar.

“I saw his face in the doorway and I knew immediately,” said Meg. “I knew it was him.”

Skeeter, hungry but safe, captured the heart of the community when he went missing. Meg used fliers and social media to try to find him. She has fielded dozens of calls.

“We’ve seen so many dogs that weren’t Skeeter,” said Meg.

But Sunday was different.

“They handed him to me and I was like, ‘Oh my God it really is Skeeter,’” said Meg.

Now, she hopes officials will find her attacker. Deputies discovered her 2000 Lincoln Navigator in Harvey, but the driver fled.

Meg said her SUV was trashed. Among the items stolen were a wallet and CD’S. She said deputies found two ski masks, a gas can, and a dog leash that did not belong to Skeeter inside. Meg recently received an envelope with her stolen license in the mail.

Meg describes her attacker as a young, black male, about 6 feet tall, with a thin build and short dreadlocks.

Monday, the Humane Society will award $4,000 to the family who helped bring Skeeter home.

“It’s easy to look at the situation and say how bad are people, but there’s been way more people that were good to me,” said Meg.

Meg plans to sleep in her home for the first time since Skeeter went missing; she couldn’t bear the thought of being there without him.

“I’m so happy,” said Meg, smiling down at Skeeter. “We have a lot to be happy about this Thanksgiving. We do.”

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