Grinding down some bolts for the prop shaft coupling.

Posted by – April 9, 2010

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I have the alignment almost there. It might be as good as it’s going to get until we replace the mounts. We have a booth at a nautical flea market tomorrow. After that I’ll tighten everything up one more time, plumb the engine, and hopefully have it running properly by tomorrow evening. Then it’s just a bit of stowing and we’ll be off.
It looks like an east wind is setting in for the week. That’s good for sailing to boca but bad because it’ll push the water out of Charlotte Harbor. It’s already pretty hairy getting out of here so that might make things a bit more challenging. A couple who we’re friends with hit a rock in the middle of the channel on the way out and split their rudder. Scary. Be careful around marker 5 if you ever come in here.
We’re thinking of New Orleans this weekend. Wishing we were there for French Quarter Fest.

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