We know good beer and how expensive and nonexistent it will be in the islands.

Posted by – June 5, 2009


When Steven and I returned home to Louisiana we had a deep appreciation for good beer. 5 years of living in Orlando had opened our eyes to a world beyond Budweiser and Miller Lite. Mojo, Stone IPA, Dogfish, Hercules, Bigfoot. All great beers. All easily accessible in Florida. Our beloved New Orleans would offer us many a good time. One thing it could not offer us was the kind of beer we were so fond of. Before we knew it Steven was brewing his own beer. Our Uptown balcony was packed most nights. So, what does one do in a city that boasts a 24 hour party until you pass out atmosphere? Brew your own or settle. Settle we did. When we could we crossed over for $1,000+ beer runs in Florida. When the supply ran out we tainted our tongues with Sierra Nevada and such. After time you get used to it. Fast forward to NOW! Though our budget does not allow we are enjoying some nice things. Yummy beer included. It’s hard not too when Total Wine carries a good selection at affordable prices. But the honeymoon will soon be over. We will soon be in the Florida Keys and then the Bahamas and maybe even Mexico. Oh shit! What will we do? We will settle. Practice starts today. Sierra Nevada is a step down. A little less expensive than say Stone IPA. The goal is to find a nice cold Modello, Kalik or Red Stripe a delicious treat. It’s gonna take time! Thank God for the gin.

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